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Address :    Room 109, No 187, Giang Vo street, Hanoi

Telephone : ( 84 - 024 )35142366

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Date of established :  March - 1993

Ha Noi,  Feb. - 20012


 -The Center for Non- Formal Education and Community Development of Vietnam ( CENEV ) is a non - profit social organization , established since September, 1993.

 -The purpose of CENEV is to provide assistance to non - formal education/ adult education activities in Vietnam . Under guide of UNESCO Bangkok and Paris, we use the term non - formal education for courses and programmes have offered outside the formal education system .

 -The tasks of the non-formal education are very large. They are post - literacy, equivalency programmes, quality of life improvement programmes, income- generating programmes, individual interest promotion programmes, future - oriented programmes, up- date knowledge on every subject meeting with the needs of economic- society development .


-The decision to establish the Center for Non - formal Education and Community development of Vietnam was based on the grounds :

1)    Vietnam is carrying out its renewal and opening policy. Vietnamese studious tradition has the auspicious opportunities to develop.

2)    Nowadays, the learning is not only implemented in formal schools, but also in continuing education centers that belong to non - formal education system, the clubs or through the media...

3)    The working man’s learning needs are very great, they learn to know, to do, to have better life and to become the people who are of more value.

4)    The continuing education centers are being educational basis of non- formal education at community, its function as the societies provide learning opportunities for the working man .

5)    However, at present, the continuing education managers in Vietnam have lacked knowledge on management to develop continuing education and most of them don’t know how to make the long term plans for continuing education

6) At the end of 1992 some senior specialists of the Continuing Education Department and National Institute of Educational Science discussed together and agreed to establish one NGO for Non - formal Education system to meet the social demands. And then, in March 1993, the Center for Non - formal Education and Community development of Vietnam ( CENEV ) has been established.

 OUR  VISION              

 1.    Our learners will have correct knowledge and attitude toward “Learning To Be”.

2.    Our learners will understand non - formal education that is very important to develop a Learning Society.

In a learning society all agencies and individuals are provided according to their learning needs .

3.  All continuing education centers have to widen its functions, not only

provide learning opportunities for people who are learning equivalency   programmes, but also give other programmes, for example, programmes of Drug and HIV/ AIDS prevention, adolescent reproductive health ,

anti- domestic violence, and human right protection education , etc...



 1)    To provide continuing education knowledge to all Continuing Education Centers at districts in the whole country and Community Education Centers at commune level as well : the context of continuing education; the relationship between formal education and continuing education; the present status of continuing education; strategies for implementing continuing education programmes - administrative aspects etc.

2)    To provide training courses for continuing education personnel to meet the demands of the society, local communities and learners .

3)    To provide popular books and materials to Continuing education centers and communities .

4)    Make studies of adult education and community development. The purpose of the study is to document the real experiences of implementing adult education and community development programmes to help improving the capacity of continuing education personnel, enabling them to effectively plan and manage programmes .



 * Literacy and post-literacy.

* Continuing education.

* Drug abuse/ HIV/AIDS prevention

* Social evil prevention

* Gender, gender equality

* Domestic violence prevention and control

* Reproductive health

* Environment

* Publication 



1)    Learning is one of the basic rights of human rights .

2)    The learning views are always innovative .

3)    Nowadays, continuing education and life long learning considered as one of the innovative views on education to step forward the 21st century. .

4)    CENEV has acted according to Unesco’s ideas on education, brought the renewal ideas on education for continuing education centers in Vietnam with the aim to meet the learning needs of human being and learning society. This is the strength resources of each country.

5)    One education system will not be enough if it is only formal education, but it must consist of non - formal education that has served vast masses. Therefore, non- formal education needs to be developed further to satisfy multiform learning need of everybody.


 Up to now, CENEV has made many activities and achievements as follow:

 1)    Eradicating illiteracy and vocational training for women and girls in Hoang Long district , Ninh Binh province .

2)    Building Muong Ethnic writing letter system ( in cooperating with Vietnam Linguistic Institute ) .

3)    Holding some training courses on HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse prevention in some provinces : Thanh Hoa, Ha Tay, Bac Ninh, Lang Son, Lai Chau, Ha Giang and Hoa Binh , etc.

4)    Educating HIV/AIDS prevention and control and life skills for youth , women and key cadres at grassroots level .

5)    Training courses on the children rights for fighting against HIV/AIDS .

6)    Carrying out a research on “ Women and girls learning” .

7)     Researching the subject on “Eradicating illiteracy by REFLECT  METHOD and applying it into Vietnam”. This subject was adopted by the Ministry of Education and Training and it has been carried in some provinces in the whole country, at present, CENEV has carried out the program of Literacy by REFLECT method with the title: “Literacy and Community Development Project” supported by the Ford Foundation.

8)    Education on drug abuse prevention and contol for Continuing Education branch and Women Association of Lai Chau province .

9)    Education on Adolescent Reproductive Health in some provinces in the North Vietnam, Supported by EC/UNFPA in the first phase and the second one.

10)         Building the Community Education Center for Xuan Loi commune,

       Lap  Thach district, Vinh Phuc province.

11) Communty Education Center for the Disable ( It was selected as finalist in the first Vietnam Innivation Day, May 14-14, 2003, Hanoi, Vietnam )

12) Community development class with education on HIV control for the minority named Pa Then.

13) Education and vocational training for teenagers whose parents are infected with HIV.

14) Education on Domestic violence prevention in Vinh Phuc province

15) Ky Son Distict women, Hoa Binh province with water and forest resources protection, 2009.

16) Raising awareness and understanding on the issue of climate change for Vietnamese NGOs,.January 2010.

15) Some key staff of CENEV have been invited to attend the International Conferences, Regional Workshops / Training Courses on education, such as:

·       The conference on Women education and empowerment, Japan, 1994.

·       The 6th  International Forum, 1994, Paris .

·       The International Reading Conference , 1995 , Singapore .

·       The Workshop on planning and Management in Literacy and Continuing Education, 1997, Indonesia .

·       The World Comparative Education Conference, 1996, Sydney, Australia

·       ASPBAE Workshop Asia - Pacific Regional Literacy Consultation 27th, 1997, Gram Vikas , India .

·       Major International UNESCO Conference Education for the 21th Century in the Asia - Pacific Region , 1998 , Australia . CENEV is a member organization of the ASIAN SOUTH PACIFIC BUREAU OF ADULT EDUCATION- ASPBAE.

·       The International Program on Advanced Training of Trainers in Asia

     Region , 1998 , Bangkok , Thailand .

·       The training course on Management of People’s Organizations and Education for Democracy , 5th January - 8th February 1999 , Israel, etc.


Besides CENEV always pay much attention to develop inside capacities of the Center’s personnel by nominating them to participate in the training courses inside and outside the country aiming at upgrading their specialities. CENEV constantly provide them with materials to study too.



 On the implementation: All of the Continuing education centers at district level of the province and the community education centers at commune level in the whole country and the provincial education- training services can participate in implementing projects with the co-operation and the help of CENEV .

On the Donors: Most of all our projects have been carried out by CENEV with the assistance of foreign organizations, such as: The Summer Institute of Linguistic of American, The Peace Fund Canada and the Teacher Federation of Canada, World Vision in Hanoi, Asia Foundation, Canada Fund in Hanoi, ICAE , UNAIDS , Asia Center, UNDCP, CIDA ,WB, UNICEF, etc.

The activities had been carried out with the assistance of the donors above mentioned .

Being an Accredited Member of the Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education – ASPBAE .



 The Sections of the CENEV are:

·       Management Board of the Center:

Director and two Vice Directors

One Assistant Director

Two Adviser

·       Training Section

·       Research Section

·       Foreign Relationship Section

·       Accountant and Cashier Section

·       Administrative



 Total of CENEV staff :   6 ( full time and part time ) .

They are educators, researchers, doctors, teachers who have both theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. Some of them use to be managers in education at ministry level. All of them are always interested in CENEV working .

All key staff of the Center have been trained in project management , design project in and out the country .



 CENEV has been trained in International standard administration and finance systems according to the project’s requirements .


The Directorate and administration officers are full- time .

The accountant has been graduate in her job by National University of Economy of Hanoi, she also attended the  training courses required .

CENEV has its own Bank account for some projects:

Account Number : VND 10320634850018 , USD 10320634850026

Bank: Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank- 



Address: 188, Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Hanoi City, Vietnam







                                          NGUYEN THI VAN